• The Importance of Web Security for Small Businesses

    1 September 2014
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    Website security is something that many small business owners never stop to think about. They are so busy trying to get themselves up and running that website security hits the bottom of the list. It’s easy to understand how this can happen but small business websites are hacked and hit with malware the most because of this low security. Hackers know that most small business owners don’t have time to worry about security. That’s why website security is more important for small businesses than any other.

    It may seem that hacking and malware only affects big businesses like credit card companies but as places like Sucuri and SiteLock will tell you that’s just not true. In fact Sucuri on their blog give small business a whole host of reason of why website security is so important. Some of the best reasons to be concerned is how these hack’s and malware attacks can hurt your customers. Many times hackers use small business websites to steal credit cards, launch phishing scams, and divert traffic to other sites.

    Fortunately there are plenty of different ways for small business owners to protect themselves. The FCC has even put out a document explaining how their increasing website security and how small businesses can protect themselves. There are also plenty of website security vendors such as SiteLock, Sucuri, and CloudFlare who can help. They offer the best in website protection including WordPress security to help keep small websites safe from hacking and malware.

    If you are a small business owner who has never considered website security now is the time to start. It’s better to have protection and not need it then to be hacked or have your customers struck by a malware attack. Website security should be a top priority for you at all times.

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