Information Input and Output Everywhere. If you have a brand message you are trying to convey, put it everywhere your customers are. Clients can take advantage of creating content once and publishing everywhere across multiple locations and devices.  Adding context and extending that information to screens located in lobbies, offices, break rooms and conference rooms will put your content everywhere. PersistentPresence displays can include mobile phones, tablets, computer, televisions or projectors. Consider all of the ways you might be able to extend your message…here are some examples:

1) A satisfaction survey is created for your website. This same survey can be accessed from a tablet that you keep in your lobby. Results can be turned around and shown as testimonials on your website and the TV in your lobby.

2) A banker displays current market information and his current loan rates on a TV in his office. The same information is available on his website.

Potential clients are Real Estate, Family Practice Medical and Banking.