Strategy Rooms

Strategy Rooms, or War Rooms as they more commonly called, are a place for businesses to ideate, collaborate and solve complex problems. TEC Innovations can help plan, design and integrate collaborative spaces designed for greater communication,  innovation and decision support.

Common components of a Strategy Room may include specialized software, multiple video displays, video switching, computers, network video devices, CCTV, TelePresence, touchscreens, lighting control and security integration.

Social Media Command Centers (SMCC) are part of a growing trend in social listening for competition insight, trending intelligence, brand management and social selling for demand and lead generation. We can help guide you through deciding on KPI’s, designing a dashboard solution and integrating the dashboards into TV’s or monitors in your new Social Media Command Center.

Decision Support Centers (DSC) are designed to help your business monitor and respond to various data, sensor and real-world inputs connected to your business. DSC’s can also help support predictive analytics for decision making and prescriptive analytics to help recommend action.