Small Business Security Awareness

Keeping you and your staff safe on the Internet

Everyone, including your staff can be a target on the Internet. Ensuring they know how to protect themselves is a critical skill that will help them now and in the future. Over time we’ll teach them how to spot and report suspicious emails, pop-ups and phone calls. We’ll report on their success and failures and always strive to make your workplace a safer place. Contact us today to learn more.


Security Awareness Audit

​​• ​​Staff Audit / One-time Phishing Training Quiz for staff to gauge awareness
​​• Audit Review Meeting / Review quiz results
​​• ​​Simple 5 to 10 question quiz
​​• ​​Occasional news and tips email



Online Training & Testing

​​• Monthly 15 minute Awareness Review Meeting to discuss strategy and reporting
​​• ​​(1) New Phishing Training Quiz every three months
​​• ​​Simple 5 to 10 question quiz
• Random fake phishing emails are sent to staff throughout the year
• Wrong answers can be linked to more training
• Right answers can be linked to rewards
​​• ​​Occasional news and tips email