About Us

Tony Elovitz is the founder of TEC Innovations, based in Nashville, TN. With almost 20 years experience in design and technology, Tony founded TEC Innovations to help customers sort through the growing demand for technology, new media, design and development projects.

Projects often overlap and content can be repurposed across platforms. Excellent communication and stellar project management are necessary to keep things on track, on time and on budget. TEC Innovations provides a high-level of service, education and support to ensure clients are satisfied and successful.

Tony often acts as project lead and assembles specialty teams as needed for each client. Tony believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and works closely with each client to understand their needs and navigate the best solution for their goals and investment. When it comes to execution, TEC Innovations receives the highest praise from customers. Fairness and friendliness combined with seamless execution is the best way to describe the TEC customer experience.

Contact us today to learn more…we can’t wait to dig in to your next project or idea!