Digital Marketing & IT Consulting For Small Business

It’s hard to know where to start and who to trust when it comes to digital marketing and IT consulting for your small business. We help by offering flexible, best practice solutions to help fill the digital gaps in your business and create online success. Learn more about How We Help, what Services we offer, hear from current Customers and learn more About us.

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How We Help

With over 25 years experience working with small businesses on the web,  TEC Innovations can help with best practice strategies for the important technology components needed for small business IT and success on the web.

Find and fix the gaps in your marketing and IT

What is your online presence missing? Need help with getting your business online? We can help make sure that your business has all of the important best practice components for your marketing and IT. Contact us today for a free technology review of your business.

Find and connect with customers

We can help with setting up websites, email marketing, social media, SEO and Google Maps. Some clients may have needs for more advanced platforms for lead generation, CRM and inbound marketing, we can help with that too.

Explore and implement new tools for business growth

So you’re ready to offer your inventory and services on the web? We can help setup and maintain an online store and inventory. Want to schedule appointments? We can help with that too.

Simple & flexible solutions

You’ll have confidence and a comprehensive online foundation with our services. We will help you figure out what you need, help design it, build it and maintain it. The solutions are simple enough that you can maintain it yourself if you want.


We can help with most of the online pieces that your business may need. We try and focus on working with common platforms to help keep configuration costs down and helps with faster turnarounds.  


Need help with web design? Starting a blog? Want to create a virtual storefront and that’s mobile optimized and full of great SEO for search engines?

Social Media

We can help with everything from account setup, education and training. We can also make recommendations for more advanced Social Media strategies as well.


Get found in search. We provide best practice SEO in all of the online projects we work with. We also help with Local SEO, Maps & online reputation.

Digital Ads

Learn more about enhancing your Facebook and Instagram audience reach with digital ads. Start with budgets as low as $1/day.

Email Marketing

Stay connected to your audience by collecting email addresses so that you can send news & updates. We can also help with marketing automation.

IT Consulting

Looking to support your customers from a distance? Let us explore your small business so we can help. Contact us today!


TEC Innovations has worked with hundreds of small business customers on a wide variety of projects. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped other small business owners just like you.

Small Business

We can help your business tell it’s story and generate interest from your audience. Our experience with web development, content marketing, SEO, online advertising and local search marketing will help create confidence for you and build your customer base.

John Graham

J Graham Inc.

TEC Innovations was critical to the successful launching of my company. Tony is thoughtful, responsive and honest in ways that continue to benefit our business. We have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with TEC Innovations these past five years!

Sreedhar Samudrala

America’s Family Doctors

TEC Innovations goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting our providers and associates. He helps our practices figure out the big picture technology problems and solutions and helps support our business marketing efforts.


Small Business healthcare practices and professionals need help with technology now more than ever. From taking advantage of connecting with patients in new ways to learning about HIPAA, we specialize in helping small business healthcare professionals with digital communication systems.


Depending on their type of business, every consultant has very unique needs. We can help with advanced online solutions for video conference, webinars, lead generation and marketing automation.

Darin Rowell

Frontier X

Tony has been a critical business partner for several years now. At his core, Tony is a problem solver that gets stuff done. He is always proactive about sharing ideas and concerns that relate to the success of my business.

About TEC Innovations

Tony Elovitz is the founder of TEC Innovations, based in Murfreesboro, TN. With over 25 years experience with all types of technology, Tony founded TEC Innovations to help customers sort through the growing demand for technology, new media, design and development projects.

TEC Innovations provides the right level of service, education and support to ensure small business clients are satisfied and successful. We work closely with each client to understand their needs and navigate the best solution for their goals and investment. When it comes to execution, TEC Innovation receives the highest praise from customers. Fairness and friendliness combined with seamless execution is the best way to describe the TEC customer experience

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