Social Media

Budget-friendly Social Media

Budget-friendly Social Media

TEC Innovations offers basic social media management services designed to give you consistent visibility and messaging in your online presence. With our basic service we manage a monthly content calendar and frequently post to three social media accounts with Hootsuite or Buffer. Our approach is a simple and straightforward solution to consistently communicate with your audience.


LinkedIn is important for small businesses seeking growth and networking opportunities. It enables connections with industry professionals and enhances brand visibility making it a key platform for business development.


Instagram is a visual platform that is perfect for showcasing products and services, building brand identity, and driving website traffic. By using Instagram’s features like hashtags and stories, small businesses can effectively boost their online presence and sales.


Facebook is a great way for small businesses to cost-effectively reach a wider audience. It allows for direct customer engagement and helps build a loyal community, making it a key platform for increasing brand visibility and driving sales.

Expand your reach with social media to communicate with your customers

Reinforce Your Small Business Brand

Reinforce Your Brand

Social media can strengthen your brand by boosting awareness and engagement through content about your business. It enables direct interaction with your audience, enhances brand loyalty and builds trust and credibility. The platform’s sharing feature extends your reach, attracting new customers.

Inform Your Audience

Social media plays an important role in informing the audience about your small business by showcasing your products and services, sharing timely updates, and educating your audience with industry-related content. It also serves as a platform for engaging with customer questions and gathering feedback, which keeps your audience informed and involved. 

Inform Your Small Business Audience
Connect With Small Business Partners

Connect With Partners

Platforms like LinkedIn are key in creating and  developing partnerships for small businesses. Detailed business profiles and industry-specific groups facilitate connections with like-minded professionals and organizations. Sharing relevant content and engaging in discussions can help attract potential partners and establish credibility.