We help create unique digital engagement experiences for your orthodontics practice. Gift branded, high-quality, 360 virtual tours of your practice in virtual reality to your dental referral partners.

Get More Referrals

Experiential Marketing for Your Ortho Practice

You can help your dental referral partners provide VR experiences that will attract more patients, boost revenue and create memorable experiences for your brand.


Provide unique, interactive and branded experiences

In a world that’s over saturated with marketing, it can be difficult to reach and make a strong impression on patients and parents looking for orthodontic care. We fill this gap by offering new and engaging ways to market your practice with VR headsets branded with your logo and linked to a 360 virtual tour of your practice.

Make a lasting impression on patients and parents

Patients and family who have an interactive experience with your brand are more likely to remember and choose your practice over the competition. 


Stand out as a high-tech practice

Providing dental referral partners with VR technology can enhance the patient experience, create a positive interaction for patients and highlight both the orthodontist and the dentist practices as high-tech.

Help with fear and anxiety

A VR Experience can help individuals with fear or are timid about a new oral health experience and new medical office environments.


More than just a VR experience

Your 360 tour can be used in multiple ways. They can be viewed from anywhere on modern smartphones, tablets and computers. The tour files can also be uploaded to your Google Business profile to enhance SEO and provide a transparent 24/7 view of your business.

What’s Included

(1) 360 Virtual Tour

A 360 virtual tour is an interactive, panoramic experience that allows users to explore a location online from multiple angles. It provides a comprehensive, immersive view of the space, enabling users to navigate through different areas as if they were physically present, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the environment.

(3) Quest 3 VR Headsets with Controllers

You will receive Meta Quest 3 VR headsets and controllers branded with your practices logo. These top of the line headsets are high resolution, lighter weight and more comfortable to wear than other standalone VR systems.


Total Cost for The Ortho VR Experience


Additional Practice Locations


Travel Outside of the Nashville Area


360 Virtual Tour Example

We help orthodontists stand out to dental referral partners


What is a VR 360 Tour of an orthodontic practice?

A virtual reality (VR) 360 tour is an immersive experience that allows patients to explore an orthodontic practice digitally, offering a virtual preview of the facility.

How does the VR 360 Tour benefit patients?

It provides a unique and interactive way for patients to familiarize themselves with the practice, reducing anxiety and enhancing their overall experience of your Orthodontic practice.

How can patients access the VR 360 Tour?

Patients access the VR 360 Tour via a web browser link, which can be viewed fully immersive on VR headsets or on modern smartphones, tablets and computers. Referring dental providers can share the VR 360 Tour through QR codes, email and their website.

Can the VR 360 Tour be personalized for each practice?

Yes, each headset is branded for your orthodontic practice. This is done with high quality custom logo stickers. Custom elements like callouts, popups and videos can be added to the virtual tour for an additional cost and personalization.

How is the headset branded for my practice?

This is done with high quality custom logo stickers. Additional full featured custom graphics options are available for the headsets as an add on.

Can the VR headset be used for other things besides the VR 360 Tour?

Yes! The VR headsets are not locked down in any way so they can install other VR apps if they want. It’s even possible for the dental practices to use the headsets as a distraction during some dental procedures. Clinical research has shown that VR is more effective in controlling dental pain than deep breathing or watching movies on a TV.

How long does it take to set up an Ortho VR Experience?

The setup time can vary but typically takes a few weeks to create and customize the tour and get you the headsets and controllers. Allow for an additional week if there is a need for shipping.

Who should be contacted for technical support?

Please access the Meta Support Portal for device VR headset and controller troubleshooting.

What if a headset or controllers need to be returned or replaced under warranty?

If any Meta Quest Product bought as part of a bundle purchased from us is nonconforming or defective and is covered by and qualifies under the limited product warranty accompanying the Meta Quest Product, Meta Quest Products can be returned by contacting Meta Support for assistance with a warranty claim.

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