Virtual Reality for Small Business


Offer Customers Something Fresh & Engaging with VR


Virtual Reality (VR) helps small businesses stand out by offering unique, engaging and immersive experiences. VR can create lasting impressions, showcase innovation, and it can addresses consumer fears about new experiences, making it a strategic investment for differentiation and customer loyalty in competitive markets.

Provide new experiences for your customers to set you apart from competition

Who Can Benefit from VR for Small Business



Orthodontic practices can benefit from offering dental referral perks with The Ortho VR Experience. This experience will give dental referral partners an interactive and branded way of promoting an orthodontic practice while showing that both practices are high tech. These can contribute to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving the success of both practices.


In dentistry, it’s documented that distractions during procedures can significantly improve patient comfort and reduce anxiety. Techniques in VR such as calming scenes and soothing music can help divert patients’ attention from the procedure. This approach not only enhances the overall patient experience but also allows dentists to perform their work more efficiently and effectively, as relaxed patients are easier to treat.



Immersive 360 aerial panoramas will revolutionize the civil construction site review process. By providing a comprehensive overview of the site, stakeholders can visit multiple locations remotely. VR can take it a step further and enhance engagement during reviews, allowing for a more detailed and visually appealing representation of the project’s progress. VR can also facilitate better communication, decision-making, and collaboration among team members, clients, and investors.

Real Estate

360 real estate tours and aerial property panoramas offer a unique way to showcase properties in virtual reality. VR can help create an emotional connection by allowing potential buyers to experience the property remotely. The immersive nature of these tours helps buyers visualize themselves in the space leading to increased interest. This approach to property viewing can set listings apart in a competitive market, providing a distinct advantage to real estate professionals.