Work efficiency is rapidly evolving and ChatGPT is leading this change. Generative AI (GenAI) has been shown that it can save up to 2 hours per day for professionals. GenAI is like having a super-efficient assistant and creative companion. ChatGPT is a type of GenAI that can chat, write, and analyze like a human, but faster, and sometimes smarter. For Realtors, using GenAI means doing more in less time, from automating tasks to engaging clients effectively. The best way to get started is to dive in and give it a try.


Using ChatGPT:

1. Get started for free here. There is no signup necessary to get started.

You’ll start by giving ChatGPT your prompt. A prompt is a request or instruction to ChatGPT. This is what the box looks like where you’ll type your prompt.

2. Copy and paste this sample prompt below. You can find more prompt ideas for real estate here.

“Can you give me tips on how to improve my writing skills for my property descriptions?”

That’s it! If you received a successful response it worked.


Include some of these as additional commands for even more control. Use them all or pick and choose: Act as an expert in (X), The audience is (X), The tone is (X), For context (X), Th writing style is (X), Change the language to (X), Ask me questions one at a time to gain context or Summarize this for me.


ChatGPT can help you with:

  • Property Descriptions: Instantly create detailed and attractive listings.
  • Marketing Content: Generate posts and updates to engage potential clients.
  • Start Conversations: Draft personalized messages to connect with clients.
  • Research: Gather the latest market data.
  • Analyze Trends: Identify what’s hot in the market.
  • Generate Reports: Create comprehensive market analysis documents.

By adopting ChatGPT as an assistant means you’re staying ahead in the competitive real estate market by improving efficiency, client communication, and market analysis. It’s about using technology to enhance your professional service.

We hope you found this helpful and ask that you take a few minutes to download and share our PDF with helpful prompts for Realtors. Get started below.

Get Started With Your Free Real Estate Starter Prompt List

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